Screenwriting and scripts

Film-making involves many crafts. It’s impossible to master all of them. It’s for this reason that Erik is currently focusing on screenwriting. There is a lot said and written about screenwriting, some of it good, some less so.

At the end of the day, writing is a craft that one can only truly master by sitting down and hammering away at that keyboard.

Spec Scripts

Between writing assignments, Erik finds time to work on spec scripts. Two of them are currently shopped:

Get It Made

Get It Made is a rom-com set in London. Synopsis: a Call center agent joins a fast food server to find their voice. Navigating the practicalities of living, their lack of experience, and a host of peculiar Londoners, they venture to manifest their creative potential.

writing sample.


Ontwricht/Disjointed is a thriller set in Amsterdam about an artist who needs to solve the mystery of his partner’s death. It is available in English and Dutch.

writing sample.

Work in Progress

The upcoming spec scripts is a Thriller about A veteran LA detective struggles to solve a murder after establishing the victim died of natural causes. It is called Ivory Heights.

After finishing Ivory Heights Erik plans on writing a film about a woman in her forties finding her independence.