“Broadcaster” by Deep Circuit Electro Miners

“Broadcaster” by Deep Circuit Electro Miners

The lyrics of the song have inspired the theme of the broadcaster video by Deep Circuit Electro Miners (DCEM). They celebrate the democratization of broadcasting through social media. Borrowing from historic footage, the video tells an abbreviated version of the history of communication. The story ends with the DCEM guys creating their songs in their home studios in London en Apeldoorn and sending it out into the world via the internet.

This video is fade heavy, it creates a dreamy flow through the ages that gels with the melancholy feeling the music invokes. The images intensify as the song comes to a boil.

Mick operation a harmonica seen through the screen of a camera.
Behind the scenes shot in London

By chance, Erik, who is working from Amsterdam, had planned a trip to London around the time DCEM approached him to create a video for them.

Given that I was going to be in London anyway, it was a great opportunity to capture some studio footage for the video. DIY Recording culture is massive, and it’s great to acknowledge that.


The footage of the band is shot in Behind The Scene style to capture the DIY spirit that defines the band.

Where to Find Broadcaster

DCEM music can be found on Bandcamp. Their album will be released in Oktober.

An overview of music video’s directed by Erik can be find on the PORTFOLIO page