Neon deco is a series of 10 graphic artworks inspired by blockchain and the crypto-verse. They are created to exist in the physical world and the metaverse. And sold as CNFT’s on the Cardano blockchain.

All the works represent a possible future manifestation of blockchain technology. This artwork is created for blockchain companies and entrepreneurs. It allows creating a visual link between the physical world and the metaverse, where one version hangs in the owner’s office or home and another version hangs in a virtual space somewhere in the metaverse.

The prospectus lists all the works created as part of the NEON DECO series. It is available free of charge from here.

Below is a list of the policy IDs that are part of the NEON DECO project. Please make sure the asset you are buying boasts a policy ID listed below:

    "project": "NEON DECO",
    "policies": [