LA Break Up by Erik Ros runs the festival circuit

LA Break Up runs the festival circuit at the moment. I am very proud of this work as I did most of it myself. I wrote, directed, edited, composed and sound designed it. Ottmar De Anda and Yelena Baykova and I produced the film and it’s starring Tierney Michon and Ottmar De Anda. Yelena is responsible for cinematography and Francesco ‘Frankie’ Flores helped her operating one of the cameras in our two-camera setup.

I am very grateful for their many valuable contributions.


The use of 6 packs of pot noodles drove the budget of LA Break Up to a whopping $4,74. The whole cast and crew donated their time and skills. Converting that to money is a silly thing to do, but if I were to, I estimate the budget would have gone up to $2500 for production.
Post-production would come up to a similar amount. Although that is harder to estimate given that most of the post-production activities were done for the first time by myself.

LA Break Up: the script, production and the result

The original script for L.A. Break Up was aiming for a 7 minute film. The opening scene, was not part of the script, nor were the ramen cooking and eating scene.

The opening scene was Otto improvising his role while we were shooting the footage for the night scene with voice over. Otto’s ability to assume the character made the opening scene a baby I just couldn’t kill.

The ramen cooking and eating scenes where Yelana’s idea. I’m very greatful for them because they help blow a bit of air in this otherwise dense story.

One scene was unfortunately scrapped due to production planning issues. It would have been the opening scene: Jimmy would be playing a sad tune on a keyboard and Gemma would join in improvising on a glockenspiel. Firs,t she would have joined in with an equally sad arpegio but she would have switched to a jazzy tune that also fitted the sad rif.

After playing that and Jimmy not responding, Gemma would have walked off. The scene would have established Jimmy as a creative better. Currently, that is not clear in the story. Because of it, it changes the viewers understanding of characters, their relationship and choices.

The film is lightly experimental and created for the film festival crowd. Erik’s previous work, a experimental short about lonelynes and purpose is called Clowns are Real.