Clowns Are Real (2017): my first short-film

Clowns Are Real Poster
Clowns Are Real Poster

Clowns are real is a silent short film in black and white about two people looking for love but find their true selves…

Pre-production was realized in LA with the help of Alaine Huntington en Francis. Production was shot in Highland Park in December 2016. Clowns are real is starring Kasi Engler and Ottomar de Anda, music and montage by Bertin van Vliet of Studio Bertin, script and direction by yours truly..


Clowns are real is about two lost souls living in Tinseltown. They are left-overs from the silent movie era. Out of purpose, without a job, they are looking for direction. They meet by chance and sparks fly. But given their mime background, hooking up is not going to be an easy task. Finally, their interaction escalates and it leaves them both changed. In the process, they find new purpose


Clowns are real has been featured at Sunrise 45 (2017) and Video Nasty (2017).

Clowns Are Real is now available on Vimeo and Youtube for free