Autonomous – a very short sci-fi made from old fragments

Autonomous is a very short Sci-Fi film submission for the London Short Film Sci-Fi challenge. The story is very silly: a traveller complains about his journey on a second-hand spaceship. The spaceship is customized to the previous owner’s likings and is not changeable during flight. Bertin van Vliet and I created it from the material that was left over from an abandoned project we worked on in 2016.


The story plays on a spaceship. To create the ‘illusion’ of a spaceship, we’ve built two massive panels that function as spaceship walls. Bertin built a model of the spaceship and a hallway that could be a part of the space-ship interior. The two wall panels reach from floor to ceiling. So the actual floor and ceiling of Bertin’s workshop function as part of the interior of the spaceship. We moved the panels around to create different sections of the spaceship.

London Short Film 90 sec Sci-Fi challenge

The London Short Film 90 sec Sci-fi challenge is a fun short film challenge for filmmakers of all proficiency levels. The deadline is 13.04.2018. Please enter if you are a sci-fi filmmaker. It is super fun!