Clowns are Real is selected for Video Nasty Film Festival

Yesterday, my little monster “Clowns are real” got selected for the video nasty film fest.  Video nasty film fest is in the top 100 best rated film festivals by film makers. It is a festival celebrating no limit film makers. Now I’ll see if I can find the means to get myself to Seattle to […]

Sunrise 45 Film Festival Alpina Michigan

My short film: Clowns are real has been shown during the Sunrise 45 Film Festival. I went to the screening. The festival is in the north of Michigan. Kind of a challenge to get to. We drove in from Toronto around Lake Huron. What a great adventure to drive around Canada and the States like […]

Green fingers

I used to have green fingers when I was a child. Unfortunatly that is no longer the case. Lukily for my plants, my dad does have green fingers. Very happy that they are doing so well there.. Thanks dad!

Lucky shot in the train

On the train to Arnhem (NL) today for some photography work. I got this lucky shot when the right side of the train showed a thunder cloud and the left side showed a blue sky.

Shooting Clowns Are Real

Production day 1 of Clowns Are Real. Very big day for me. The Image shows Kasie and Otto having a break in their make-up. I think this would be a great cover for a Tom Waits record.

Clowns Are Real wardrobe selection

Finding suitable attire for two characters in a surrealist black and white silent story is not an easy thing. Well actually, it wasn’t that hard. I just had to make sure the camera was to black and white. In B&W pictures contrasting colors might look the same…

Highland Park Independent Film Festival

Highland Park Theatres hosted the Highland Park Independent Film Festival. They hosted a red carpet experience with paparazzi and everything. We loved it!  

a house and the sun

This is a picture of a collage I did. I was just messing around one night. I had the box with the black velvet lining, the sea shell and the little object by Toulouse artist Anne Mazzini. Adding them all together created this little scene.

Social media shoot for my brother (by blood)

My brother wanted to buff up his social media presence, so I took some pictures from his awesome food truck. here is a link to his website btw:  

Calypso Trees

Death is a tragedy. When it happens to someone close to you, your soul gets ripped apart.  It will change you forever. The images below show a series of pictures I made after my mum died. They were the first step out of many in getting to terms with loosing her. She died of cancer. […]