Today the first Neon Deco promo is released. It is the first presentation of the NFT collection to date. It features the NEON DECO works being advertised on billboards in a futuristic sky city. We fly through a cityscape of futuristic buildings and billboards advertising the NFT Collection. In the background, we see lines of […]

Merry Iterations

Merry IterationsTo all the beings in all the spaceswishing you happy new ages This small video is my Christmas wish to all of you. I’ve tried to create something original that was in the spirit of Christmas but wanted to avoid all the usual language: Christmas trees, presents, snow, etc. So I came up with […]

Poppin Chops music videos

My good friend Jeroen has an amazing music project called: Orquesta Del Tiempo Perdido. Their music is incredibly beautiful and I listen to it all the time. I offered to make a music video for one of his songs (Poppin Chops) and he accepted. Poppin Chops Poppin Chops, to me, feels like a punch drunk […]

2020 Music Video Reel out

Last year, I made a few music videos. The 2020 Music Video Reel below is based on that work. It includes clips from these music videos: “I’m an Artist” by Bertin “Tsimes Fasole” by Kocouch “One Analogy” by Breytenbach “Dronen” by DCEM “Broadcaster” by DCEM It’s a great honor and super […]