World premiere of Showbiz at London Short Film

20th of February saw the world premiere of Showbiz By Charles Bukowski. And boy, what a night. My girlfriend was there as we some of our close friends Kat and Joost. The film was part of a selection of short films submitted to London Short Film. The event was sold out and filled to the […]

London Short Film selected “Showbiz by Charles Bukowski” for screening

I received an email this morning from London Short Film saying: “Congratulations! Your short film has been selected for screening at our next London Short Film event on February 20th. Your laurel for “Official Selection” will be sent out over the next few days.” The screening is the global premiere of Showbiz by Charles Bukowski. […]

Grant for Script Coaching received from Dutch authors society

The Dutch author’s society (Auteursbond) has permitted me a script coaching grant with Nynke Klompmaker for the Dutch script I’m working on at the moment called Ontwricht (Unhinged). This is the first recognition of it’s kind for my script writing business so I am very excited. Nynke From my initial contact with Nynke, I imagine […]

Background video recording for my website

I’m recording a background video for the homepage of my website. This is the before picture. The terrible mess will not be featured in the film. Don’t worry I’ll pretend to be proper. Obviously, I had to run out of batteries before I could even start shooting… The result is online now: Chances are […]

Partial Family Portrait

This is a partial family portrait. From left to right its: Niels my brother, myself, Jan Willem my cousin en Teun my nephew. Marion Arts took this photo on 28 of December 2018 at the Boomshakalak Winter BBQ that we helped put together. Boomshakalak Winter Barbeque Boomshakalak Winter Barbeque is a roots and reggae fest […]

Fitzrovia – London: a photography assignment

Today I’ve spend circling through the streets of the London neighbourhood of Fitzrovia. Writer Ann Basu asked me to take pictures for her new book. I feel very inspired after hearing about the historical context of all these buildings. London Borough of Camden Archives We’ve also spent part of the day in the London Borough […]

Taking headshots for Laura, my brainiac girlfriend

Today I got to shoot some great headshots for Laura, my beautiful and amazing brainiac girlfriend. She will be using her pictures for various publicities. I’m very happy with the result. Laura posed in front of our bookshelf. She is an academic, so I thought it would be a subtle touch. The Shoot She was very […]

Selling Fire

My brother runs a foodtruck company. I help him with the office stuff. Today I took pictures for a website selling these amazing fire crates. You can find out more on Which means hotter fires…

New self-portrait

Walking around in Seatle I ran into this empty space with a neon sign burning on the back wall. I indulged in making a new self-portrait.  Very extra, I know, but try and stop me 😉

Video Nasty

So I was in Seattle for the Video Nasty film festival. It was a bit of a bum. It is not so much a film festival as it is a local film night. I had to beg in the streets for several days to collect sufficient money to be able to afford the plane ticket […]