Poppin Chops music videos

My good friend Jeroen has an amazing music project called: Orquesta Del Tiempo Perdido. Their music is incredibly beautiful and I listen to it all the time. I offered to make a music video for one of his songs (Poppin Chops) and he accepted.

Poppin Chops

Poppin Chops, to me, feels like a punch drunk hyper-real hangover. It feels like what’s left of you after the worst fight with your partner, or after you’ve made an inventory of all the ways humans are destroying the earth, after which you realize that despite all that, time keeps ticking on just the same and it’s all meaningless anyway except for the fact that you are actually still alive. Poppin Chops, to me, feels like you’ve been had by life and now you have to live with it.

The concept for this video is the endless repetition of meaninglessness. The video like the song ends with a bleak sliver of hope that it turned out you missed completely while stuck staring into the void. so happy thoughts and good times all around. None of this should be taken too literally, of course, as reality is far too big and complex to fully comprehend for us mere mortals. Anyway, below the result of my effort:

I’ve made the video and showed it to Jeroen. He said he liked it, but that it wasn’t in line with the style of the videos that have been previously released with Orquesta songs. I didn’t really intend for it to be in line with those other videos, so no feelings were hurt. I suppose it should be mentioned here, that I did engage with the symbolism of their previous works but I departed with the style because I felt it served the atmosphere of the song better this way.

Moving on

The experience inspired me to make another music video for the same song. I completely let go of the symbolism and style of previous Orquesta videos and created the one below. I think it’s one of my best so far. It’s very abstract, but you could still see a story in it if you tried. It’s a bit like finding meaning while looking at clouds.

I quite like that I have made two videos for the same songs. It shows that visual and audible expressions can relate to each other in different ways. I’m considering making more of these. I have one concept in mind that might actually fit the band’s aesthetic. So who knows, maybe I’ll make one that can become an official video for the band one day.

Assignment vs. Free work

These videos were created from my desire to practice my skill as an artist, and not as an assignment. It allowed me to follow my own artistic path instead of trying to deliver an asset. That’s why these videos aren’t official Orquesta videos.

Had they hired me to make a video, the process would have been very different: Before anything got made, we would have discussed at length what was expected and how we wanted it to look. Perhaps I will make another video with this song and see if I can make it fit the Orquesta’s style better.

Which video do you think fits best?

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