Merry Iterations

Merry Iterations
To all the beings in all the spaces
wishing you happy new ages

This small video is my Christmas wish to all of you. I’ve tried to create something original that was in the spirit of Christmas but wanted to avoid all the usual language: Christmas trees, presents, snow, etc. So I came up with the lyrics noted above. The animation consists of two fractal art loops. The first one reminded me of one of those ball-shaped ornaments people hang in their Christmas trees. That was the original inspiration for the project. I had just learned how to create those fractals in Blender.

The sounds are all samples from cinema sound libraries. I composed the songs on the soundtracks in the video editor. At the time, I was neck-deep into blockchain technology, the metaverse, crypto, and such, so I wanted the project to reflect that.

Merry Iterations ushers in the new year with hope and bliss

Saying goodbye to 2021 with a sigh of relief. What a trainwreck of a year it’s been. Today I’m looking back to find some of the sparkles of positivity that I’m sure were there too.

Still happily married

After being cooped up in the house for almost the whole year, I’m happy to report I am still happily married to my wife Laura. She is my love, my best friend, and my closest confidant. We’ve been together for more than 11 years and going strong. I’m looking forward to making that 12 this year.

Moving house

We moved house over summer, from Amsterdam to Nijmegen. Being cooped up in our little apartment for a year due to covid made us both realize we needed to shift our priorities. We are now planning to spend part of the time in Nijmegen close to my friends and family and part of the time in London.

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