2020 Music Video Reel out

Last year, I made a few music videos. The 2020 Music Video Reel below is based on that work. It includes clips from these music videos:

“I’m an Artist” by Bertin https://vimeo.com/465138908

“Tsimes Fasole” by Kocouch https://vimeo.com/455710813

“One Analogy” by Breytenbach https://vimeo.com/519417845

“Dronen” by DCEM https://vimeo.com/398658777

Broadcaster” by DCEM

It’s a great honor and super fun when a musician or group trusts you to work with them to represent their art visually. For me, it’s a great opportunity because finding imagery to enhance the moods and atmospheres of songs is a great creative challenge.

My skills have grown throughout the year. I think it shows in the videos, perhaps I’m imagining that. This 2020 Music Video Reel I put together in the hopes of getting more opportunities to create music videos for people. If you need a music video, please, don’t hesitate to contact me so we can discuss.

I’ve developed 3 types of music videos, ones that include:

I hope to combine the three approaches in future videos to make even more elaborate projects.

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