Music video for Tsimes Fasole by Kocouch

On October first, 2020, Tsimes Fasole was released by Dutch EDM duo Kochouch. Kocouch commissioned Erik with creating the music video. The result is an electronic, instrumental, loud minimalist track running 3 minutes 35 seconds. The one-shot video gently glides through an artificial cube space. In their various sizes, movements, and rotations, they give visual expression to the music.

The background is a shameless texture indulgence. It consists of multiple layers of animated patterns blending into each other. They are all shaded in a revolving color pattern that syncs with the color changes of the cubes.

Creating the video for Tsimes Fasole

Thus far, the members of Kocouch have chosen not to appear in their music videos, opting instead for offering video artists a free hand in creating visual art for their music. What a brave attitude towards visual representation. It presents an exciting challenge for video artists.

The song is an abstract work. There are no lyrics, and even the title can be considered cryptic. So, where to start with the visualization?

Is there such a thing as an abstract narrative?

Erik Ros

Several concepts were tried before it landed on cube space.


Kocouch is a Dutch Based EDM Group. I made a video for their song Tsimes Fasole, which is available on their Bandcamp. You can find links to their channels on popular music outlets on their website.

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