“Dronen” by Deep Circuit Electro Miners

“Dronen” by Deep Cirquit Electro Miners

The music video for Dronen by Deep circuit Electro Miners explodes a multimediatic fashion. The work employs various animation techniques including: stop-motion, frame-painting, motion design and compositing.


The lyrics of the song inspire the theme of the video: “Video game warfare”. Drones are attack weapons. ‘Pilots’ operate these destructive machines. They control them similarly to how one controls an avatar in a video game. They often find themselves half way across the world from where the battle is fought.

The video follows an imaginary computer game being played. The game resembles eighties arcade games. The players make there way through multiple levels where they have to engage with different types of game-play. After two levels, the game is paused and a cheat code is entered which takes the players on to level 4. They compete in the final level and finally win the game. In the end they get treated to a spectacle of space invaders synchronized flying.


Selfies used to create stopmotion avatars for the Dronen music video by Deep Circuit Electro Miners
DCEM posing for their stop motion avatars

The avatars in the game comprise of two stop motion clips: one of each of the Deep Circuit Electro Miners. The clips were created as follows: Both band members took selfies from different angles and with different expressions. The best of those pictures were selected. They underwent de-saturation and pixelation, The result prints out on paper before it getting cut into circles. The button-shaped images were used to create an approximation off the ‘sprite-sheet‘ avatars used in 2D video games.

Most of the remaining artwork consist of various electronic and micro electronic circuitry and components. Photo’s of these components were edited to look like the colorful madness they turned out to be.

Where to find Dronen and other Deep Circuit Electro Miners music?

DCEM music is found on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

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