World premiere of Showbiz at London Short Film

20th of February saw the world premiere of Showbiz By Charles Bukowski. And boy, what a night. My girlfriend was there as we some of our close friends Kat and Joost. The film was part of a selection of short films submitted to London Short Film. The event was sold out and filled to the brim with passionate filmmakers.

The Institute Of Light

is a very cool cinema venue with a broad array of offerings. They are based in one of the arches in London Fields. It’s one of those places that makes London great. After you’ve found it between the junkyard garages, you enter through an outside seating area. The central Foyer is styled with aeroplane parts. They offer two types of seating. Aeroplane seats on the higher rows and sofa’s on the lower rows.

The other films screening that night included a story about a woman desperate to be a bride, a guy that was terrorized by his own home assistant device and A gay couple living in an anti-gay society.

After the screenings, all the filmmakers hang around and mingled. All in all, it was a great night!

London Short Film Presents Screening

London Short Film Presents Screening

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