Grant for Script Coaching received from Dutch authors society

The Dutch author’s society (Auteursbond) has permitted me a script coaching grant with Nynke Klompmaker for the Dutch script I’m working on at the moment called Ontwricht (Unhinged). This is the first recognition of it’s kind for my script writing business so I am very excited.


From my initial contact with Nynke, I imagine her to be a very focused and knowledgeable screenwriter. I think she can help me reach the next level. We will be focusing not just on the script but also on the synopsis. The synopsis is as she pointed out the document one needs to write to pitch the script. The script coaching grant will help me take the next step in my screenwriting career.

Application Process

The application process for the grant is nearly pain-free. After finding one’s script coach and agreeing on the process. One can fill out the online application form. Within days the Authors society will process the request and either accept or deny it. This is a very workable grant. I imagine many good things coming from it!

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