London Short Film selected “Showbiz by Charles Bukowski” for screening

I received an email this morning from London Short Film saying: “Congratulations! Your short film has been selected for screening at our next London Short Film event on February 20th. Your laurel for “Official Selection” will be sent out over the next few days.”

The screening is the global premiere of Showbiz by Charles Bukowski. It is the second short film I produced. The Film is a collaboration between filmmakers from the US, UK and The Netherlands.

London Short Film

London Short Film: a group of inspired filmmakers from London. It’s organized by Mark Benmore, Robin Brooks and Tuan Hong. The events are presented by Melanie Gayle. It is an open group of filmmakers discussing their work sharing insights and working together on projects. I used to frequent their events when I was living in London. They are super fun!

Please join us if you can, to see the short film I produced called: Showbiz by Charles Bukowski.

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