Background video recording for my website

I’m recording a background video for the homepage of my website. This is the before picture. The terrible mess will not be featured in the film. Don’t worry I’ll pretend to be proper.

Obviously, I had to run out of batteries before I could even start shooting… The result is online now: Chances are you’ve already seen it. It shows me writing a feature-length script for a Dutch movie I’m working on at the moment.

Background Video Concept

The background film captures the life of a writer, slaving away behind his laptop, come rain or shine, day and night. It intends to show the deep commitment a writer needs to muster to deliver a compelling story. It will be featuring me as myself as a scriptwriter. Bertin is responsible for the edit.


The video was shot over the course of two days generating 10 minutes of raw material. No crew was involved except for myself. I used an old Ipad as a wireless monitor, which helped me to set up the camera while sitting in front of the camera.

It was great fun. I’m quite happy with the result

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