Video Nasty

So I was in Seattle for the Video Nasty film festival. It was a bit of a bum. It is not so much a film festival as it is a local film night. I had to beg in the streets for several days to collect sufficient money to be able to afford the plane ticket and Airbnb fee to get myself to the festival. So I was very disappointed when I found out it wasn’t much of a festival at all. Especially because the venue for the event was El Corazon: the bar where Pearl Jam debuted.

Luckily my friend Andrew Johnson came to hang out with me. We had a great time exploring the beautiful city of Seattle in autumn. I also managed to make a new self portrait, so in the end all was not lost.

Video Nasty re-branded to Freak-a-zoid since. I hope I wasn’t the cause of that. Anyway. I think I would have liked the festival had I lived in Seattle, so if you do, check them out next year. I’m sure you will have fun!

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