Sunrise 45 Film Festival Alpina Michigan

My short film: Clowns are real has been shown during the Sunrise 45 Film Festival. I went to the screening. The festival is in the north of Michigan. Kind of a challenge to get to. We drove in from Toronto around Lake Huron. What a great adventure to drive around Canada and the States like that. The festival itself was very well organized. It was clear that a lot of heart went into it. And who knew that the parties would be so festive! A true go-to place for filmmakers.

Take Aways

First off, I have to say, my gosh, seeing your work in the dark on a big screen is much more intense than seeing it on a computer screen. This is my first take away from going to this screen festival. Second, the films that won the competition were both very emotional, where my film was mainly conceptual. For my second film, I focussed much more on the emotional relationship I wanted the work to have with its audience.

Call out

To all fellow filmmakers I would like to say, submit your films here and go to the festival. It is the best one I’ve been to so far… The selection was great, the town is and surrounding area’s truly beautiful and the people are crazy friendly! Below you may find some pictures I took one night when everyone was asleep

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