Taking headshots for Laura, my brainiac girlfriend

Today I got to shoot some great headshots for Laura, my beautiful and amazing brainiac girlfriend. She will be using her pictures for various publicities. I’m very happy with the result. Laura posed in front of our bookshelf. She is an academic, so I thought it would be a subtle touch.

The Shoot

She was very nervous because she had some bad experiences taking headshots in the past. It was important to get her pictures taken properly because she had just finished her book. I was also nervous because, you know, she’s my girlfriend and I didn’t want to mess things up.

We’d set up some softboxes in our living room. Laura changed outfits 3 times. It was super fun taking the shots, and I’m very happy with the results. We used partial daylight. Towards the end, we started to lose the light a bit, so we had to hurry. We managed in the end.

If you need headshots yourself, I’ll be very happy to hook you up

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